Winrac: application of GPS routes

Winrac is an Android application that generates itinerary in just one click. You can download this GPS route app for free on the play store or on our website. The IOS (Apple) version of Winrac will be available on October 15th.


winrac allows you to geolocate by indicating your GPS coordinates while specifying the precision of the signal received by your mobile


Winrac – GPS route allows you to send the best route to the people of your choice so that they can reach you easily.


Winrac – GPS route is an application translated into 10 languages, allowing you to use it all over the world.

Who are we ?

Winrac – GSP route is an application developed by LABFENDER, a young Algerian startup located in Algiers center, near the metro station khelifa Boukhalfa.

Our international and multicultural team is composed mainly of Algerians but also of French and Indian collaborators. This allows us to monitor our services and commercialize our applications on 5 continents 24 hours a day. Indeed, we have teams that work 8 hours on the Europe-Africa region. Another takes over 8 hours on the North and South America region. The latter provides the 8 hours of the Asia and Middle East region.

Our goal is to launch simple applications that solve the worries of everyday life all over the world.

Who is not regularly confronted with problems of orientation in Algeria or in any country in the world?

It is true that there are already applications that allow to generate routes, but how to do when the place where you go is not mentioned on Google Maps.

Some applications such as Viber or Whatsapp allows you to send your position but they have complicated functions and very little known to users. Moreover, the use of this application is not practical because you do not have a route avoiding the forbidden senses, the roads blocked, the traffic jams, etc …

Why use Winrac – One Click Itinerary Sharing Application?

  • Winrac generates a route with a single click.
  • Your recipient does not need to have Winrac on his smartphone to receive the route..
  • In addition to sending your itinerary, Winrac – GPS route also offers you the opportunity to get real-time GPS coordinates of your location!
  • The Winrac application can be translated into 10 languages.
  • You can save your coordinates and later share whenever you want to.

In what situations Winrac -One Click Itinerary Sharing Application is very useful? 

Discover everyday life situations where the Winrac  –One Click Itinerary Sharing Application can be of great use to you.

Situation 1: Your business or hotel is difficult to find because it is situated in isolated place or not close to a known location.

You have a store or a hotel that has difficult to access routes, your clients experience issues finding your store or hotel. You don’t have time to guide them on phone since you are now occupied with your existing customers.

With Winrac, you can easily and quickly send a GPS link of your hotel or store to your customers who can just click on it to get an accurate GPS route from their locations to your store.

Situation2 : You wait for a friend in a public place or in a restaurant that he cannot find.

Imagine that you are in a restaurant and that a friend is having trouble meeting you.
Now you will only have to send him a Winrac link that will allow him in one click not only to know your GPS position, but also automatically generate the most relevant route to reach you.

Situation 3: Your client cannot find your business premises

Suppose you invited an important client for the first time on your business premises. Your client has difficulty finding your business premises (because there are no proper signs). Usually, you try to direct him by telephone.
Now, thanks to our Winrac application, you will only have to send him a simple Winrac link which will enable him to obtain a route to your business premises in the best way.

They love Winrac – One Click Itinerary Sharing Application

Below are the user testimonials of our application

Very useful as an application, congratulation

Diamond Clean , Utilisateur

Bon courage très utiles je viens de l’essayer,


je vous remercie

Amine Sardi, Utilisateur

Très utile pour retrouver ses amis quand on a pas


le sens de l’orientation comme moi. J’adhère!

Cinouna Ginosuke, Utilisatrice