Project Description

Winrac - GPS itinerary: get your route in one click

Winrac - GPS route allows you to send a route to a person or share your route with your friends via any application on your smartphone with one click! indeed, Winrac allows you to send and share your route via SMS, email or any other email application installed on your smartphone such as Viber, Skype or WhatsApp and now on Snapchat.
- As soon as the person with whom you want to share a route receives the link Winrac it will only have to click on it and will get a precise route up to your GPS position without having to have the Winrac application.
- With Winrac, the recipient with whom you want to share your route does not need to know your GPS position or install any application! Only the recipient of the itinerary must have the Winrac app - GPS itinerary
- Winrac stands out from other GPS-based route-sharing and geolocation applications by its ease of use. Indeed, Winrac will send a simple link to the person wishing to join you. This person will simply click on the link to generate a precise route from where it is to where you are with your GPS coordinates.
- Winrac allows you to add and name your favorite positions in the my GPS coordinates section and then send them to your contacts as soon as you want to share a route and this without being at the position at which you send them the route.
- Contact us directly via Winrac for any ideas, suggestions or remarks.